The most stylish handbags for women in 2023. A complete guide to trending accessories.


Let's start with the fact that it is better to throw in a distant box. These are suede, large belt, nylon bags and bags of bright neon color. For now, they can wait for the season when designers want to turn the past into a new trend.

In terms of colors, not only classic ones are relevant, but also all shades of metallic color and delicate peach, lavender shades.

1. Oversized bags 2023

To the great joy of girls who like to carry a lot of necessary things with them, this season designers prefer bulky bags. They are very comfortable, and most importantly - roomy.

2. Crescent bags 2023

Handbags that are worn over the shoulder or in hands have been loved by girls for more than a season.

They can be of different sizes and from different fabrics.

3. Rectangular bags 2023

If for some reason a half-moon bag does not suit you, then choose a rectangular bag, also called a baguette bag. Stylish, elegant handbag is suitable for almost any look and for any occasion to take it with you.

4. Small waist bags 2023

It is also a very popular model that attracts girls with the fact that you don’t have to hold anything in your hands. Convenient for an active lifestyle, young mothers and walks with the company.

5. Torba 2023

A hard bottom, soft walls and a drawstring - that's what distinguishes the sack bag from others. Also called a bucket. Quite laconic and free model that will give your image playfulness.

6. Chains 2023

Chains on handbags continue to be relevant in the 2023 season. In the trend of the summer period, large colored chains.

7. Pockets 2023

Convenient pockets this season turn bags into actual models of this season.

8. Shiny clutches

Charming bags for parties and outings look so pretty, but with rhinestones, sequins and sequins, it's very chic. Your image will definitely not be torn off by the eyes of those around you.

9. Suitcase 2023

Not only in "buckets" you can carry things with you, but also in a suitcase. Very relevant model of the current season. In addition, the dense shape of the rectangle is quite practical model, it will protect your things from damage and jamming.

10. Unusual shapes

Originality is also loved in such an accessory as a bag. Most importantly, choose a bag that will suit you completely.

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