We emphasize the waist with the help of clothes. 5 tips from a celebrity stylist.


I open the closet, sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses hang there. Multicolored and classic colors. But everything is kind of uninteresting and baggy.

And I have a business meeting with a rather interesting man. I want to seem not only a smart and intelligent woman, but also a beautiful one. I want to hear compliments from men.

My figure is not chiseled, the decree has done its job. Yes, I'm not complaining. But it can at least emphasize the waist to look more feminine.

Every girl wants to look attractive and seductive. And it is the waist that distinguishes the girl. Beautiful, distinct. It doesn't matter what size you wear! Everyone can emphasize the waist.

She opened her laptop and began to read the page of the star stylist. And today I want to share with you his advice.

1. Belt

We take centimeters tape and look for the narrowest place between the hips and chest. This is our beautiful waist. It is this place that can be emphasized by wearing a belt. If the strap is lower, then the waist will accordingly appear larger.

2. Sleeves

No matter how strange it may sound, but the sleeves also play a big role. Sleeves rolled up to the elbows will accentuate your waist.

3. Illusion

Create a slight optical illusion with asymmetry or decor. Dock different colors at the waist or add a print to the waist. So you will make a contrast on it and you can look thinner and slimmer.

4. Tuck in clothes

Many women believe that if they tuck a T-shirt or blouse into trousers or a skirt, they will immediately highlight their tummy. In order not to create this effect, fill the oversize partly. Highlight just a few centimeters of your beautiful waist.

5. Wear blazers and jackets

The second layer always highlights the bottom blouse or T-shirt and the waist underneath. With a jacket or jacket you will always seem slimmer.

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